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Game deals, Storage woes of games and Xbox One X setup

The year is drawing to a close but there are still a lot of exiting event and games to come. Let run through some of the topics making headlines.

With the games increased content and developers pushing graphics, inevitable the size needed to store them will is increasing. There is no doubt that gamers have acquired extra drives to keep up.Looking at November releases in particular Call of Duty WWII. PC version is 90 Gig, PlayStation 48 Gig and Xbox 45 Gig.

Thinking of getting the Xbox One X well let share some knowledge with you. Before stepping into 4K mode first download the 4K assets for the games. Make sure to back up your current setting. Now when you boot up your shiny new baby it feels like home. When it comes to backing up and restoring your data there are two options. You can do it over the network provided both consoles are visible. The second option is to backup it up to a portable hard drive, this is considered faster and safer.

More and more stores are having great specials on consoles. With black Friday only a couple of weeks way look out for more specials. Happy gaming and keep button bashing.

Xbox One X South African pricing

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