Sony’s PlayStation PS4 hits milestone, New Games and PS5 ?

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Sony’s PlayStation PS4 hits milestone, New Games and PS5 ?

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PlayStation has had stiffer completion in the last couple of years but is fighting back , go PS4 Join us as we cover the latest news from Sony

Sony reached a milestone in shipping over 67.5 million PS4 units to date. What is interesting to note is that sales are increasing later in the consoles life. What we can take away from this is that more people are replacing older consoles or getting a new one altogether. Remarkable to think that the console is almost 5 years. Factor in that there is much more competition than before, good job Sony.

Sony release a couple of new games and the last of trailer got a lot of attention, not all good though. The trailer shows violence yes but why is that a surprise other games have it too, really. Resident evil’s 7 FREE DLC  not a hero drops 12 December 2017, Chris is back. Destiny 2 showcased it first expansion also dropping December 2017. VR also got a boost and new God of War looks epic just a pity about the push back to 2018.

Where does the PS5 fit in. PS4 Pro was launched in November 2016 so it is not an old console by any means. Xbox One S is also very fresh, yet Xbox One X launch is in the next 2 months. This makes you think is we are going the same route as apple. Will you get a choice of multiple consoles based on your budget?I am sure there will be more detail on any new consoles coming out at E3 next year. Enjoy the week , peace and keep on hammering those buttons.

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