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Need for speed payback launch imminent.

The latest incarnation of the Need for Speed franchise release is imminent, Payback.  A full review will follow shortly but you will have to settle for this sneak peek.  Check it out inside.

Need for speed payback offers gamers an arcade style of racing. This is a refreshing pace from the racing simulators like Gran Turismo Sport and Forza 7. With Payback, you can put your foot down and go around corners at unrealistic speed. Very unrealistic but stupidly entertaining. With all the right engine crackling noises and car club music, there is no short supply of thrills.

Payback is divided into five distinct car based events. Race, Off-road, Drift, Drag runner close of the last slot. Each event pits you against modified cars until you meet up with the boss of that type of class race. Races have built-in rewards, for example, to hit 20 objects and get the $ reward. At the end of the race, you have a choice of speed cards.

At the heart of Payback is the customization. There are basic performance upgrades but the aesthetics is the icing on the cake. There are literally thousands of options to make your car truly unique. Setting up the perfect car pictures in the game world is super easy thanks to the camera system.

Need for speed is on tops my shopping list. This is a welcome change from intense simulations racing. Payback has the ability to show beautiful cars in a car chase movie style. Burn rubber and stay tuned for the full review.

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