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Xbox One dashboard update

Major Xbox One dashboard update arrives

The major new Xbox One dashboard update has finally arrived on all Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.  This update brings with it a multitude of changes.  Details after the break.

The original Xbox One dashboard started life out as a huge unorganized mess.   It was supposed to resemble Windows 8 Start Menu.  And it did, unfortunately, that doesn’t make for easy console system navigation.  And it was ridiculously slow and laggy.  However, Microsoft has been working really hard at alleviating that problem.  And for the most part, the dashboards that followed worked really well.  Enter the new October Xbox One dashboard update.  They’ve once again tinkered with the UI to try and make it even more accessible and snappier to response.

The big change comes in the Guide menu which nows switches to horizontal movement instead of verticle.  Players can now access the different section by easily pressing on the bumpers.  They’ve also made the whole system feel much more responsive than before.  You’ll be jumping between apps and UI section even quicker than before.  Fewer load times between apps is a big win in my book.  A nice new addition comes in the form of a Light Theme.  Basically, all your dark elements of the UI are transformed into a bright white color palette.  All this and more is available right now.  Just update your console and your good to go.

Personally, I like this new dashboard, it just works for me, especially in Light Theme.  Reminds me of my old faithful Xbox 360.  What do you guys think of the new dashboard?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za.