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Xbox One X South African pricing

Finally Xbox One X South African pricing is outed

Preorders, release dates and more have been announced.  And of cause, the Xbox One X South African pricing.  Feel free to step inside my office for more details.

rAge 2017 has come and gone and it was by far my favourite.  One of my highlights at the expo was experiencing first hand, Microsoft’s promise of a console that delivers True 4K gaming.  And my goodness, on Forza Motorsport 7 at least, it delivers.  Finally got to see those highest quality pixels they were on about at E3 2016.  And now, we have details of Xbox One X South African pricing.  So now would be a really great time to start saving up.

I’m going to come out and just say it.  It will cost R7499-00.  I admit that is a hefty amount of money.  More than most will be willing to pay, especially if those people don’t even have a 4K TV.  However, it must be said, I think this price is far better than what I’d personally anticipated.  I was convinced it would be in the R8k-R9k region.  So It’s a welcome surprise.  The console will officially be hitting our shores on December 22nd.  Just in time for the Christmas rush.  If money is no object, then good news for you.  Pre-orders have already opened for the console, and there are talks that it will be in short supply so it might be a good idea.  As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers for more of your favourite gaming news.  Happy True 4K Gaming!

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