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October games with Gold 2017 lineup

October games with Gold 2017 lineup

Microsoft has graced us with October games with Gold 2017 lineup. The lineup for the Xbox One and 360 are a nice mashup for Xbox fans. Step inside.

If you ask me 360 lineup is a winner as I’m just a sucker for any Medal of Honor game. Replaying some of the games just lets you see how far gaming and the gaming developers have come and how brilliant, mouth-watering, eye-catching and just simply “WOW” today’s games are. We have really come a long way with gaming and it will only keep on getting better and prettier. With the launch of the Xbox X, just moments away makes you wonder what is next and how will the games with Gold list differ moving forward. Should be interesting to see!

Anyway, drop us your comments on which games you are looking forward to.

The list of games with Gold below:

Xbox One:

Gone Home: Console Edition (October 1 till October 31)
The Turing Test (October 16 till November 15)

Xbox 360:

Rayman 3 HD (October 1 till October 15 (Backward Compatible))
Medal of Honor: Airborne (October 16 till October 31 (Backward Compatible))


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