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Fortnite Battle Royale got glimmering moment of crossplay

Xbox One and PS4 players got to experience a brief moment of cross-play when a bug allowed them to play Fortnite Battle Royale together.  And then they took it away.

Seriously, Epic Games put the bug back into the game.  We’ll even pay for it!  Some lucky PS4 and Xbox One gamers played a session of Fortnite Battle Royale without actually knowing they were playing with their other platform counterparts.  Until one eagle-eyed PS4 gamer realized something fishy about another gamer’s PSN name which had spaces in it.  Which is unusual on PSN.  The game then tried to search for that gamer on PSN and couldn’t find it.  For s*#ts and giggles booted up the Xbox One and searched the same player.  And there was mystery gamer.  Contacted that gamer and found out it was indeed the very same person who was playing Fortnite on Xbox One.  Which confirms that cross play was somehow enabled.

Kotaku found out about this occurrence and contacted Epic Games to find out more.  Epic then admitted that they had a “configuration” error which allowed the two platforms to crossplay.  We’re still not sure for exactly how long its been happening.  Fornite players could’ve been cross playing for longer than they knew.  Worse yet, is it really that easy to get cross-play enabled that it would happen completely by accident?  This actually pisses me off that Sony is holding back on this feature as it is clearly not a technical limitation.  If the most family-friendly platform, Nintendo is willing to jump in on the feature Sony has no excuse.  It’s about keeping the shareholders happy.  And that’s really unacceptable.  After all, we are the paying customers and we should rightfully demand that we get our money’s worth.

With that being said, what do you guys think of this whole cross-play debacle?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Now, please excuse me while I go scream and curse my lungs out in anger in the bathroom.

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