Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass is Free

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Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass is Free

EA is dropping a damn good treat for fans.  Star Wars BAttlefront Season Pass is free for everyone.  Right now!  So you might want to go grab it while you still can.

The first Battlefront game was a rather enjoyable experience.  Minus one major flaw.  The game on launch had not a lot of content.  What made matters worse, was that some really great post launch content was hidden behind a Season Pass sized paywall.  And that Season Pass was mighty expensive.  This caused a lot of uproar and fans basically abandoning the game.  Until Now!  EA has decided to give away Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass to everyone.  You can bet you’re going to see a massive resurgence of players in the game.  Especially since everyone will have access to all content.  No more splitting the player base.

EA pulled the same trick last year with the Battlefield series before the launch of Battlefield 1.  Perhaps this could be a repeat performance before the launch of the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to head over to your platform digital storefront and download your Season Pass.  We don’t know how long it will remain free, so hurry up and grab it.  So what do you guys think?  Is this enough to get you to come back to Battlefront?  Or is it a case of too little too late?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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