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The Division Resistance Update

The Division Resistance Update coming soon

Ubisoft is getting prepped to drop a huge free update for fans.  The Division Resistance Update will be hitting your platform this fall.  We got the trailer here to check out what it’s packing.

As I’ve said before in a previous post, I’ve all but abandoned The Division.  I haven’t invested any of my money on its expansions and the last time I tried the game out is when it received the PS4 Pro 4K update.  That was quite a while back.  Since then, Ubisoft has been releasing some pretty good updates to the game.  Now coming soon is The Division Resistance Update.  This is quite a big one that adds an entirely new area.  Players will get to explore the West Side Pier.  It’s a sizable new area that spreads across 2 zones.

What I’m really interested in is the new Resistance Mode.  Think of it as Horde Mode for The Division (It seems everyone is doing it these days).  All the different factions have banded together against the agents.  But there’s more features and tweaks that have been included in this free update.  All of which you’ll learn about in the Update 1.8 trailer below.  I have to say, Ubisoft is really giving me a compelling reason to jump back into this game.  Once Resistance Update is Live sometime in the US Fall, I think I might just do that.  Check out the trailer below.  Enjoy!

The Division Free Update 1.8 – Resistance Trailer

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