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Telltale series heading to Nintendo Switch

Great News for Nintendo Switch gamers!  Two awesome Telltale series games are heading your way very soon.  Any Switch gamers down for some Batman and Guardians action?

Nintendo announced on Twitter that two of Telltale series games will be making their debut on Switch.  We’re talking about Batman The Telltale game and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Both episodic games in all their glory will be on a Switch console near you very soon.  Not much more details were released regarding the games.  We’ll be posting any new info that gets released about the Switch ports.

In addition to that news, Ninty hasn’t confirmed whether Batman second season will also be making its way to the Switch.  So far it seems to just be 2016’s first Season.  Perhaps, Switch gamers will jump into the second season once it’s completed.  Currently, only the first episode is available on multiple platforms with the second releasing on the 26th September 2017.  All in all, this is great news for the console which is doing really well at the moment.  Far better than Xbox is doing in terms of exclusives (Yes, I know these are multi-plat, but still Ninty has more exclusives).  For more of your favourite gaming news, be sure to keep it locked to SkyGamers.co.za.

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