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Fear Effect

Fear Effect is getting the remake treatment

The original PlayStation cult-classic game from 2000, Fear Effect, is making a comeback in 2018.  It’s getting the now industry standard remake treatment.  Check out the teaser inside.

Set the clock back by 17 years and we’re back in the era of the original PlayStation in its prime.  Around a year before it’s replaced by its successor the PlayStation 2.  A unique little title is released and becomes an instant cult classic.  Sporting a graphics technique that was ahead of its time.  I’m talking about the now popular cel-shading style.  Fast forward to today, and this title is getting the industry standard remake therapy.  Now titled Fear Effect Reinvented.  Though not a lot of details have been released about the remake, from what we can see in the teaser is that Hana, one of the playable characters, has received a massive graphical boost.

We also get to see, new real-time lighting and much higher resolution textures.  It’s being developed by an indie studio called Sushee and published by Square Enix Collective.  The game will be released in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.  For now, this teaser trailer will just have to do.  Check it out!

Fear Effect Reinvented teaser

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