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The Division latest Update

The Division latest Update is live and filled with features

Ubisoft keeps on supporting the MMO shooter with pretty good updates.  The Division latest update is live now and rather large.  But with good reason.  Check out what’s new in 1.7.

I’ll admit, I for all intents and purposes have abandoned The Division.  I didn’t even bother investing in the expansions that have been coming out since launch.  Once I cleared the main game, I just sort of left it there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few that did actually enjoy the game.  With all its faults and all.  But it held no longevity for me.  Ubisoft has been working hard to keep this title relevant with great update releases and reportedly decent expansions.  The Division latest update is one that also comes packed full of features.

One of the biggest highlights of this free update is the addition of Global Events.  These are limited timed events in the game world with gameplay modifiers.  These give out some high-end, exclusive rewards on completion.  If you think about Destiny’s Public Events then you sort of get the idea here.  In addition to the events, players will get access to new gear.  Including updated versions of current gear called Classified gear sets.  Expect the obligatory primary stat improvements and new set bonuses.  Improvements to Survival mode and new encrypted caches round off a rather robust update.  The caches are a sort of loot box that has random customization items and emotes.

Of cause, the above is just a few of what this update has to offer.  For a detailed look, check out the update trailer below.  Is this enough to get me to play more of the game?  I suppose it will depend on whether my buddies decide to jump back in and if they persuade me hard enough to join them.  Anyway, enjoy the video below.

The Division Update 1.7 trailer

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