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Rime is heading to a Switch near you

It seems every other day, news just keeps getting better for switch owners.  The latest third party game to be confirmed for release on the system is Rime.  Details after the break.

Nintendo Switch is getting some rather stellar games.  With 3rd party support on the rise, Switch owners will have a decent amount of games to pick and choose from.  Just a couple of days ago we got confirmation of Resident Evil Revelations series heading to Switch.  Now there’s yet another.  The beautiful adventure game, Rime, initially was released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in May.  Now though, Tequila Works have confirmed that the title will be heading to Nintendo Switch.

The game will release in the US on the 14th November and in Europe on the 17th November.  We’re looking at a decent $30-00 price tag (roughly R400-00 in South Africa).  So Switch owners, more power to you.  What a great time to be Switch-ing.

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