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The Sims 4

Apparently The Sims 4 is heading to consoles for some reason

In an unexpected announcement, The Sims 4 will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One.  For some reason.  EA has dropped an announcement trailer.

So strangely enough, EA thought it a great idea to release a 2014 PC game on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.  I’m talking about The Sims 4.  In case you’ve you missed all the hoodaa, The Sims is a hugely popular PC game that lets players create a character and have them live out their lives.  Meet other Sims, fall in love, make families and live out a career.  Basically, a variation of your life, in game form.  Without real world worries of getting mugged, bad health, poverty and discrimination to worry about.

The console version of the game will feature new career options, new customizations and supposedly more character interactions.  So if you’ve been gaming on a console and have been wishing the PC game makes it to your system, you should be pretty chuffed right now.  EA has dropped this new announcement trailer to show off some of the enhancement of the game for consoles.  I’ll be honest, for me, this is a hard pass.  However, 200 million copies sold says this game is a huge deal and could probably be something you might like.  So check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.  Happy Sim-ing!

The Sims 4 Console announcement