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Original Xbox backwards compatibility

Original Xbox backwards compatibility has no achievements

Looking forward to playing some old school Xbox games via Original Xbox backwards compatibility?  That’s awesome, just don’t expect any achievements for your sessions.

E3 2017 had quite a few surprises for gamers.  Including the announcement for Original Xbox backwards compatibility.  Basically, the system will work pretty much the same as Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.  Minus two minor issues.  First off, achievements aren’t being implemented for original Xbox games.  Which makes sense, think about it, achievements didn’t exist at all during the original Xbox era.  This is something that was only kickstarted in the 360 generation.  So going back and adding achievements for all those games was highly unlikely.

The second omission is widescreen support.  If you thought you could enjoy Jade Empire with widescreen support for your spanking new 4K TV, it ain’t happening folks.  That means you’ll be stuck playing original 4:3 aspect ratio with some annoying black bars on the ends of your TV.  Xbox boss Phil Spencer explains that you can’t easily change the frame buffer aspect ratio on a shipped game.  So either than those few setbacks, it’s really a welcome change to see that Xbox will let you take your collection with you into the current gen of consoles.  So what do you guys think?  Are the above 2 deal breakers for you, or a non-issue?  Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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