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Beyond Good and Evil Tech demo

Beyond Good and Evil 2 tech demo shown

The ambitious Beyond Good and Evil 2 tech demo is shown off by the creator in a breathtaking 14-minute video.  Believe me, it is definitely worth your time.  Just relax and enjoy!

Everyone is still recovering from their E3 2017 hangover and yet, news and trailers from the show are still making the rounds.  One that particularly stood out for me was this Beyond Good and Evil 2 tech demo.  This game has been in the making for almost a decade.  Its creator couldn’t help but get emotional on stage when the E3 cinematic trailer was unveiled.  It was without a doubt the star of Ubisoft’s presentation.  And now, Michel Ancel returns to show off the Beyond Good and Evil tech demo.  We get to witness the incredible technology that powers this really ambitious game.

We’re talking No Man’s Sky levels of ambition with a tinge of Mass Effect.  This is what Mass Effect Andromeda should’ve been.  I know I sound cryptic but that is entirely on purpose.  This is one video you need to experience yourself and then you’ll see what I’m on about.  So let’s waste no more time.  Get comfy,  and enjoy this marvel in the making.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Tech Demo Video