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Injustice 2: Red Hood revealed in DLC fighter pack

Injustice 2: Red Hood revealed in DLC fighter pack

Guys guys guys…Injustice 2: Red Hood revealed in DLC fighter pack, this is one HOT looking game, the addition of the Red Hood just solidifies that. Step inside and check out this total BadAss!

When Warner Bros released the trailer for the Red Hood who will be available in June as part of the DLC fighter pack…maaaan, does he look awesome. The once “good guy” who turned vigilante would easily put a bullet in you without flinching and go grab a sandwich after, that’s how bad ass he is.  The trailer reveals some of the Red Hoods moves and what looks like his super move and let’s just say the words amazeballs come to mind.  From the moves, it seems like the Red Hood could be one the most fun characters from the roster to play with.

The DLC is also said to include Sub Zero and Starfire as part of the pack.  Their trailers will have some big shoes to fill once released.  The scene where he is out of ammo and throws the gun at his opponent is just well like I said before amazeballs.  Batman, be afraid, be very afraid!!  Guys just have a look at the trailer yourself and drop us your comments.  As Always keep it locked to SkyGamers.

Injustice 2 Red Hood trailer