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Quake Champions Raw Gameplay

Quake Champions Raw Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda has released the trailer every Quake fan has been waiting for.  Feast your eyes on the Quake Champions Raw Gameplay trailer.  The name says it all, waste no time and click ahead.

Quake Champions is looking damn fine right now.  It’s faster than you remember.  It’s better looking than you remember.  It’s just as bloody if not more than you remember.  This could potentially be the new King of the Arena Shooters.  But maybe I’m blowing my load too early cause I was such a huge fan of Quake III Arena (Though Unreal Tournament was my favourite of the two shooters).  But once you see this Quake Champions Raw Gameplay trailer, you just might too.  Queue the drum roll…Get your eyeballs ready for some fast paced arena action.

Quake Champions Raw Gameplay Trailer

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