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Nintendo Switch Launch Day

Happy Nintendo Switch Launch Day!

It’s the 3rd March today!  In other words, it’s Nintendo Switch Launch Day today.  Yep, it’s finally here.  If you preordered, it will be on your doorstep any minute now.  If not, hurry to the store while you can.

It’s been one helluva wait for the release of Ninty newest shiniest console.  But it’s finally here.  Worldwide, today marks Nintendo Switch Launch Day.  And that goes for South Africa too.  For once we get a launch console the same day as the rest of the world, yay for us!  In case you’ve been missing all the news for the last year or so, Nintendo Switch is a unique hybrid home console and handheld.  There isn’t quite anything like it before.  It’s also the world’s most powerful handheld gaming console.

This little guy has a lot of weight on its shoulders.  But I’m confident it has the chops to put Nintendo back on the map after the dismal performance of the Wii U.  The console is currently retailing at $299-00 in the US.  For us in Mzansi that’s R5199-00.  Unfortunately, the launch line up is a little scant with Legend of Zelda being the highlight.  Hopefully, Ninty buffs it up with some eShop releases soon or else you’re going to be left with an awesome console but no games to play on it.  Sadly, I won’t be getting one just yet, I’ll be waiting for a price drop and for more games to be added to its library.  For Ninty fans, Happy Switch gaming!

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